Here are some of the  services offered:
Low  force chiropractic adjusting.  This involves  a direct hands - on approach which is  sometimes assisted by  unique chiropractic  instrumentation to improve accuracy of the procedure. 
Exercise and  lifestyle help.  Sometimes we need a little coaching  when it comes to the way  we can best help ourselves recover from a problem or prevent a reoccurence.  This is  often incorporated into a regular visit  for  spinal  manipulation, although not everyone needs it.  For example,  just the right stretch,  simple exercise, or the best sleeping posture  turns out to be exactly what we need to keep us from hurting again. These  procedures  are intentionally keptsimple, to the point, and easy to learn.
Nutritional  counseling.  It is an interesting observation that  there has been a major shift in emphasis regarding  the  types of  health concerns over the last fifty years.  Over the last one hundred years  the concerns  have changed  even more  radically.  In other words  that which  is killing people today is much different  than what did us in some years ago.  Previously it was infectious disease and to some extent trauma.  While these  still play a part today it's now primarily degenerative diseases.   Aside from the care of the human frame via chiropractic care,   nutritional  counseling  is  not an option but a necessity for anyone wishing to maximize  their chances of survival. This involves both specialized dietary supplementation and recomendations for home care.  Check out the link:
Types of Care