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     In the past many people have avoided going to the chiropractor out of fear of being hurt during an adjustment.
   The fact is that many new low force adjusting techniques are now used in the modern chiropractic office which are far more gentle than those of the past. The great thing is that these newer methods are just as effective and in some cases even more so.  

   Most people come here because they are having pain in their back or neck.   Did you know that chiropractic  also  helps  a full spectrum of disorders?  The spinal cord along with the brain  comprise the the central nervous system. Any nerve interference can have  profound effects with  many different symptoms. 

    Many people are now prefering a natural approach to  their wellbeing.  But  they want one that has a great deal of experience behind it.  Not just someone trying to sell you  the latest fad.   Chiropractic  offers  proven  results in complimentary and alternative  healthcare. 

     We accept almost all the types of insurance which usually involves a copay.  However for those without  insurance the cash fee ranges between $35 - $55.

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